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20,000 Public School Learners To Benefit From Food For Education Program

20,000 Public School Learners To Benefit From Food For Education Program

In Mombasa County’s Nyali sub-county, the Food for Education (FFE) initiative will assist more than 20,000 young students.

Food for Education is a program that aims to feed students in public schools, and there are currently eight Kitchens in five counties.

The program attempts to combat malnutrition and encourage students to remain in school by providing nutritious meals.

Nairobi, Kiambu, Muranga, Kisumu, and Mombasa are among the counties that stand to benefit from this project.

During the official opening of a 100 million shilling kitchen at Pwani School for children with mental disabilities, FEE CEO Wawira Njiru stated that Mombasa has the largest kitchen that provides meals to Nyali and Kisauni sub-counties.

“We are hoping to work with Mombasa county to continue scaling school feeding program because we are looking forward to working with more schools to ensure children get nutritious food, grow and also in stay in school,” She said.

She stated that this is the first contemporary cooking equipment in Kenya that prepares food faster, more thoroughly, and more hygienically without negatively impacting the environment or workers.

“This technology ensures that meals are produced in a very energy efficient way and in Kenya, we are providing food every day to 93,000 children. We are feeding 75,000 with food and 18,000 in Muranga who are being given porridge,” she said.

Njeru stated that their parents pay Ksh 15 instead of Ksh 30 because they wish to ensure they can afford the food.

The transaction of the Ksh 15 shillings is facilitated by ‘Tap to Eat,’ a mechanism that simplifies payment for parents.

Tap to Eat is a cashless method in which payments are made via mpesa pay bill, and then the cash is transferred to an E-wallet, allowing youngsters just to tap their wristwatches to receive food.

Governor of Mombasa County Abdullah Nassir stated that the county is committed and prepared to cooperate with FFE on a privately sponsored initiative.

“The parents have been told to pay 15 shillings but for us as a county we are committing to support ECD children in all schools which are under the FFE program,” he said.

According to him, the revenue would originate from the finance bill, generating its own revenue source.

“We are going to commit that the single business permit that we are going to collect from the private schools, universities and colleges and the ones collected from Miraa business, the money should be allocated in educating and feeding our children,” he said.

Charity Organization Donates Furniture To Homa Bay Schools

20,000 Public School Learners To Benefit From Food For Education Program . Charity Organization Donates Furniture To Homa Bay Schools

A number of primary schools in the county of Homa Bay have been furnished by a non-governmental organization in response to the difficulties children confront throughout their early years of education.

Through its program, the non-profit organization Vestergaard Frandsen East Africa Company wants to provide schools with equipment that will make children more comfortable during class and encourage them to remain in school.

Chairs and tables were distributed to eight institutions, including the elementary schools of Mirembe (Karachuonyo), Pala (Kabondo Kasipul), Ondiko (Kasipul), Rabuor Ponge (Rangwe), Nyarach (Ndhiwa), Aringo (Suba North), and Olodo (Homa Bay Town).

Gerald Adhaya, the Life Straw Programmer at Vestergaard Frandsen, reaffirmed that the NGO is concerned with the learning environment in schools and stated that the donation would assist in enhancing the learning environment in schools.

“Our programme will also assist the schools who produce sterling results to motivate their children to work hard,” he said.

The furniture was also a reward for these schools’ exceptional upkeep of the water filters that the organization had supplied.

In addition to furnishing schools with furnishings, the organization promotes using clean water for good health by supplying schools with water purifiers.

So far, 459 purifiers have been distributed to schools through this program.

Adhaya stated on Thursday, at the donation ceremony, that the water filters will protect the health of school-aged children, as they will have access to cleansed and safe drinking water.

Adhaya stated, “We are rolling out this program to improve the health of school-going children by providing lifestyle purifiers that convert dirty water into safe drinking water to protect the children from unnecessary illnesses that can easily be prevented to enable them to stay in school.

The exercise was inaugurated by the County Executive for Education, Martin Opere, who stated that the county administration was prepared to collaborate with partners to guarantee that students remain in school.

Since implementing water filters, according to Opere, the enrollment rate in schools has increased dramatically since illnesses that contribute to absenteeism have been minimized.

20,000 Public School Learners To Benefit From Food For Education Program


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