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124 Pregnant Girls to Sit for National Exams Commencing Today

124 Pregnant Girls to Sit for National Exams Commencing Today.

124 girls from Kajiado County will sit for this year’s national exams while pregnant as the government strives earnestly to guarantee they all sit for the exams commencing today.

According to Kajiado Acting County Commissioner Harun Kamau, 10 expecting girls will take the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) exams, 28 girls the KCPE, and 86 girls the KCSE.

More than 1.3 million first-time KPSEA students will take exams starting today across the country. Tomorrow is the KCPE applicants’ first exam.

“It’s so unfortunate these girls will have to sit for their exam expectant. Some of them are heavily pregnant and we are hopeful they will be able to write their exams. We will ensure they will be closely monitored and those who might give birth during exams assisted,” said County Commissioner.

The number of expectant learners could be much greater because most families have relocated to other counties in search of pasture for cattle.

Kajiado County is among the counties coping with catastrophic repercussions of approaching drought due to failing rains for more than a year.

All education stakeholders in the large county are searching remote areas and urban cities for recent dropouts.

Some of the community’s old-fashioned practices, like Female Gentle Mutilation (FGM) and getting married young, are said to have forced most of the women to get pregnant early and without planning to. Some married arranged suitors.

“It has been a tendency of aged men to prey on minors pushing them out of school. The culprits usually go Scot free encouraging the trend. They must be stopped, “Said a local anti-early marriage crusader in confidence.

The County Commissioner said the local administration is engaging with other education partners to ensure the expected candidates sit for exams.

“Our chiefs and their assistants have been given directions to ensure all expectant candidates for the three National exams from their area of jurisdiction will sit for exams by all means, “He added.

He also claimed the local administration has already reached out to the pupils’ individual families to allow them to sit for exams.

“We have reached out to their respective families and explained to them the need for their girls to sit for exams. They ought not to be vilified but to be supported. He stated the families contacted had not objected.

Kajiado County Education Director Kosgey Kipruto said personnel deployment and transport logistics are ready for national exams. Two armed police officers will guard each exam center.

He stated the Ministry is striving to offer food and exams to drought-affected kids.

“We do not have mobile exam centers for students who have relocated with their parents in search of pasture for their livestock. We are reaching out to various education stakeholders to liaise with the families to bring back candidates to sit for exams, “Said Mr Kosgey during Kajiado North exams preparation brief.

26,865 Grade Six students will take the KPSEA in 931 centers and 25,028 KCPE in 678 centers in Kajiado County.

124 Pregnant Girls to Sit for National Exams Commencing Today


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