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11-year-old Grade Three Pupil commits suicide As A Birthday-Gift

A grade 3 learner from Kudho Primary School has committed suicide on his mammy’s birthday noting it as a precise birthday gift.

The boy relinquished a suicide statement saying, “On today’s special day, I want you to be the happiest ever." He started his letter reminding her mother of the stories she used to tell him. 

" Every day you used to say that happiness left your life the day I was born. You told me dad left because of me," the emotional letter read. 

" So today I want to change things. I want you to be very happy as if I never existed. You told me you would never look at me with love but I always loved and admired you like the best mom on earth," continued the boy. 

" I hope one day you will think of me. I hope in heaven you will finally hold me and kiss me." The boy concluded his letter noting that the best gift he could give her mother was to leave her life as she had always told him that she wished he he could have not been born." I love you, mom. Happy Birthday.” Concluded the letter. 

The letter alarmed Kenyans on social media and most opined that parents should constantly be cautious about what they tell their kids. Some condemned the persistent pandemic and its subsequent challenges. 

During this pandemic, there have been intensified circumstances of Gender-Based Violence, pessimism and suicides. Kenyans are notified to pursue counselling during these struggling moments.


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